Score Kompass: web application for German citizens
About the customer

The customer is German company focused on finance products analysis and offering
for consumers in Germany. One of the company services is deep analysis of the user’s financial situation and history in order to propose the best loan offer available to him
on market.

An NDA agreement between the Customer and OSTDLabs was signed prior to consulting project kick-off.

Project background
Customer purchased OSTD Labs services to deliver a new product to his lineup: a “turn-key” web solution which allows users to check their credit score online on nearly any mobile/desktop computer device. The target audience is German citizens.
Solution delivered
The implemented software is a web application that is developed with the use of following technologies and frameworks:
Backbone – code structuring and modularization
Underscore – utility functins
Handlebars - templating
RequireJS – AMD
Jasmine - testing
Jersey – REST services
Spring – Di,Security, Data, Tx
jUnit - testing
Jetty – web container
Jaxon –JSON serialization
JaxB –XML serialization
Hibernate – ORM
Data Storage:
PostgreSQL 9.3
The user is communicating with the system through the web browser which allows a crossplatform usage of the software.
Functional modules
The system itself is split into 4 modules:
  • 1. web module – module containing all static files like html, css and js
  • 2. rest module –REST services endpoints for files and data transfer
  • 3. service module – module responsible for business logics and conversion
  • 4. data access module – module that works with persistent storage
OSTDLabs team was responsible for producing architecture based on functional requirements, coding, testing, deployment, and maintenance. The system features a multy-layered hierarchy. The updated solution can be easily configured at the backend.
Project methodology
The project employed Agile Scrum development methodology with iterative work process and continuous delivery of operational functionality as well as regular review and flexible change implementation process. Solution delivery (including source code) was performed every three weeks except for the first release which was delivered within 6 weeks with interim demo deliveries.
  • Project
    1 consultant/business analyst,
    3 developers,
    1 software test engineer,
    1 functional analyst / project manager
  • Project
    J2EE, Javascript, REST web services,
    PostgreSQL DB
Impact on business

Project launch met a significant interest in the auditory followed by additional internet and tv advertising campaigns. Traffic growth to the headline services of the customer has also been registered to be large enough for the new product to become an equal member of the lineup with its own roadmap and budget.

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