We don't just write the code but tackle
the business tasks of our clients
Let's talk details!
years of
hours of work
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  • Expenses
    Working with professionals remotely will cut your costs.
  • Business efficiency
    Once discussed, we will submit
    a solution aimed to make your business more efficient.
  • System integration
    It is complex approach that enables enterprise systems
    build up.
We transform data into tasks
and take your business up to a whole new level and new challenges!
We will carry out an expert analysis and suggest a plan
for changes.
We have the solution!
We will identify the processes to be automated. We will offer your implementation options with regard to the goal and budget options.
We will write a thorough technical specification. We will setup an effective process control of development and data security.
Solutions for any tasks coming from business perspective
  • Small and medium
    They look for reliable experts
    to outsource software
    development to.
  • Tech startups
    They are not ready
    yet to offer a full-time
  • Big players
    System integration / automation
    of their processes is needed for reasonable prices.
Take a look at how we have solved the problems of our clients.
  • Player allows to watch video
    in high definition quality
  • Customers can
    watch video on any website
  • Use your phone to make
    great sales and marketing
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Six reasons to build software with us
  • 1
    15 years of development
    We love the process and know from the experience how to tackle an issue with a product in terms of IT development.
  • 2
    First version after 14 days
    of development
    Experienced development team will install first versions of the product (and first business value) within two weeks from the start.
  • 3
    We increase sales by 67%
    Sales of an American company increased by 67% within three months after implementing the project integrated in video e-commerce solutions. We are result-oriented, so the growth of business figures is key here.
  • 4
    Updating every 120 sec
    We support the specific process of continuous supplies, based on Debian solution. It enables us to release the latest version of the product every few minutes.
  • 5
    Test coverage 54,4%
    We follow the development model based on testing and provide only reliable products that solve the problem of our client.
  • 6
    We take 100% responsibility
    We are responsible for consulting services, development and analysis of requirements, business logic development, coding, testing, debugging and technical support service.