Consulting and development
of video-based e-commerce
About the customer

The customer is US company established in 2011 and focused on e-commerce solution for sports goods manufactures.
One of the company directions is development of the different business models and approaches for selling sportswear online, and marketing research is always ongoing for that matter. An NDA agreement between the Customer and OSTDLabs was signed prior to consulting project kick-off.

Project background
Customer purchased OSTDLabs consulting services to determine new ways of increasing sales for their
new product line. To the moment of project start sales revenue for the product line were behind the
projections and forecast was negative.
Marketing activities were ongoing: new ads were made and put online.
Solution delivered
Users’ behaviour analysis has been held and showed most users watch the ad through but leave the eshop without buying. It was decided to try to win some part of the audience by providing e-shop functionality right during the ad video.
As the result, software development project has been launched for three months. Project goal was to introduce cart functionality inside the video block, so that the viewers could put exact goods into the cart while watching the video (inside the video block, that could be put to any website). Users were to be taken to the checkout process afterwards
(with a notice).
Functional modules
The new solution incorporates the following functional modules:
  • Javascript and Flash based video modules for ads
  • System open API to use by third-party services and the system itself
  • Integration module for static files storage within Amazon web services (AWS)
  • Authentication module with service integration to enable users’ authentication via
    facebook/twitter accounts
  • Magento REST services for integration with php store CMS
  • Integration module to obtain online payment system services
OSTDLabs team was responsible for consulting services, initial solution concept development,
requirement development and analysis, business logic development, coding, testing, deployment,
maintenance. The system features a multy-layered hierarchy. The updated solution can be easily
configured at the backend.
Project methodology
The project employed Agile Scrum development methodology with iterative work process and continuous
delivery of operational functionality as well as regular review and flexible change implementation process.
The basic project challenges/difficulties the team faced were insufficient and unclear customer’s
requirements. This challenge was resolved with a tight communication within Scrum and frequent
planning and review sessions that allowed to fast adopt all necessary changes and optimization not
exceeding approved budget. Solution delivery (including source code) was performed every two weeks.
Wide usage of open source technologies allowing to cut project expenses was a considerable advantage.
  • Project
    1 consultant/business analyst,
    3 developers,
    1 software test engineer,
    1 project manager 
  • Project
    J2EE, Javascript, Flash, php,
    RESTfull web services,
    DB MySQL
Impact on business

During first three weeks after launch of the new integrated eShop + video solution, product sales increased by 67%. Same approach was later introduced to some joint marketing campaigns held by the customer. Currently the business model is being determined to potentially sell the video-based eShop solution as a turn-key
product for internet advertisement market in US.

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