Clocks and lessons
Registration, record-keeping, attendance-record and payment-record systems
for educational centres
About the client

The customer is an educational centre ""5+"" in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The main focus of the centre is the school graduate training for Unified State Examination and State Final Examination.

High quality of education and bringing the talent of students to light are the priorities of the centre. High-class and skillful teachers find individual approach to every student and get them motivated to achieve maximal results.

Project objective
To create a convenient tool for interaction between students, parents, teachers and a manager. The system should enable to perform the following actions by 2 clicks: to enroll a new student, to sign up in a group, to show a timetable to a student as well as attendance records and academic performance reports, to remind about payment, to control income and expenditure, to be available 24/7 from any device.
Implemented solution
We created a unique in its capability product, designed to facilitate life for owners and staff of educational centres.
For a chief executive
  • in-process monitoring of staff performance
  • efficient control of income and expenditure
  • permanent access to reports and statistics on main criteria of the work efficiency
  • on-time assessment of teachers' efficiency
  • online control of your centre's current affairs
For a parent
  • automatiс payment reminder
  • on-line informing about failed attendance
  • permanent access to timetable
  • latest data on academic performance on-line
  • on-line connection to management and teaching staff
For a student
Online access via personal account:
  • to timetables
  • to homework
  • to lesson content
  • to academic performance information
Online connection:
  • to teachers - in-process advice
  • to management - dealing with any organizational issue
  • by couple of clicks
For a teacher
  • on-line interaction with students
    of the group
  • publication of studied materials
  • student performance assessment
  • interaction with management
  • timetable control in one system"
Project methodology
Agile Scrum methodology was applied in the project with iterative working process and continuous functional delivery, together with regular reviews and flexible process of modification implementation. The solution delivery (including the initial code) was conducted every two weeks. The wide usage of the open source was definitely to advantage that enabled essential cutdown in spending.
  • Project
    3 developers,
    1 test engineer,
    1 functional analyst / project manager.
  • Project technologies:
    Spring, BackboneJS,
    Jax-RS, MySQL
Impact on business

The system became a tool of automatization, optimization and efficiency upgrading of business processes aimed at the interaction with clients.
Online access to necessary information reduces the number of incoming
and outgoing calls. The implemented system provides smooth and high quality operation of the educational centre. Proactive interactions between an executive, a parent and a student provide customer engagement, retention and loyalty.

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