Who we work with
Small and medium enterprises
We will automate processes, implement CRM, develop required software. We will get Acknowledged with your development department, consult and help to address the existing bottlenecks. We will help with trainings if you decide to switch to Agile.
Tech startups
We will help you to put your idea in reality faster than your competitor. We will launch MVP, gather analytics, develop your project. We work according to flexible development methods that aims to revise the end goal as we progress.
Big players
We will help to minimize expenses on development without having to outsource to India. We meet deadlines, guarantee high quality and support transparent reporting. We will become your trusted partner.
Work package
Application for credit score control for German citizens
  • Web solution which allows users to check credit score online
  • 24 hours online access from any device
  • Guaranteed security data
Registration, record-keeping, attendance-record and payment-record systems for educational centres
  • An easy way to sign up a new client
  • A convenient tool to keep attendance and payment records
  • Permanent control on income and expenses
Transactional videoplatform
  • Player allows to watch video in high definition quality
  • Customers can watch video on any website
  • Use your phone to make great sales and marketing video
Our clients live around the world, but their key thing in common is the pursuit to build up their business around new ideas and technologies.